Commercial services

Fariano services ltd can ship anything from equipment, machinery, furniture, paintings and kitchen doors.
We specialized in arranging on how to collect your goods, either as a part load container or to full load container mainly upon your request and demands.

Property Services

At Fariano services, we can help to secure your dream property in Nigeria.
We work with reputable organisations in Nigeria that has vast knowledge in the industry, as we can also help you secure your relevant title of certificate of occupancy {C of O} .

Residential Services

When planning to relocate or emigrate abroad by sending few things or large quantity of good to love ones.
Fariano services can provide services ranging from part-load and full load container to suit or meet your requirements.

Banking Services

Opening a bank account has been a challenging factor to individuals and many corporate firms abroad.
We are in talks with one of the most reputable banks in Nigeria, representing their interest, by bringing there services abroad and making it easier for Nigerians in diaspora to open an account in a very convenient and comfortable atmosphere without any difficulties.